Aquamatic Matt Emulsion

Dulux Diamond


Griplac Aquamatic Matt Emulsion is a premium quality water-based paint specially designed to give a luxury smooth finish to interior masonry surfaces, brickworks and wallboards. It is a highly washable emulsion. Its fungus resistance properties, smooth finish and long lasting colours make it an ideal choice for interiors.

Surface Preparation

New or bare Masonry Surface:

Bare masonry surfaces should be completely dry and free from dust, dirt and grease. Use a bleach solution to treat the surface affected by fungus. Apply Griplac Acrylic Primer and allow thorough drying. Sand and dust off. Smoothen the surface by applying 2-3 Coats of Griplac Filling Putty. Sand and dust off thoroughly. Allow all the surface to dry completely prior to painting. Avoide paint if the moisture content and alkalinity of the walls is still high.

Priviously Painted Surfaces:

Loose and flaking paint must be scraped off. Defective areas should be sanded and smoothened using abrasive paper or wire brush and dust off. Primed with Griplac Acrylic Primer. Fill the surface with Griplac Filling Putty if Necessary.

Severely Defected Surfaces:

Masonry work is recommended to repair large cracks and holes. Allow to dry thoroughly. Prime with Griplac Acrylic Primer. Fill with Griplac Filling Putty. Scuff to make smooth and dust off thoroughly.

Ideal Range

A unique blend of luxury and style..., Griplac Paints introduces a brand new paint series of Ideal Range to Enhance the beauty of your surronding with exciting new range of colours..,



2 to 3 Coats


Based on Styrine Emulsion Winder


Single pack, ready to use after 50% thinning with water.


Depends on temperature, humidity, air movements & film thickness

Touch dry:

15 minutes

Recoat able:

2 - 3 Hours

Hard dry:

45 - 60 Minutes


Brush, Roller or conventional spray.




20-25 microns per coat.

Features & Benefits

Stain Free

Due to its highly washability and great resistance against the stains of oil, tea, cofee, and katchup.

Extremely Fine Finish

Due to its highly fine grinded filler it gives you a very Luxurious and Silky Finish.

Extremly High Opacity

This Emulsion has Extremely high opacity which covers the surface in max 1-2 coats.