Griplac's Journey to Success

A Message From The Managing Director

It all begun in 2004, The year that saw the advent of the paint company that named as the Prime Paints Industry, But no one could have predicted that it would be this paint company which would go on to become the country's leading manufacturer of paints.

Courtesy to our never compromise on quality philsophy, coupled with our continious drive to please our consumers, We can today rightly proud ourselves.

We can focused on being the best, and improvement and innovation at Griplac are not merely buzzword, but actual practices that we folow daily thanks to enduros such as center of excellence at Prime Paints we work hard to live up to our responsibility of delivering excellence to consumers via our network of dedicated employees and widespread chain of committed vendors, suppliers, dealers and distributors.

Vision and Values

Griplac Vision

To be a leading and forward looking company, Committed to satify consumers with high quality product range.

Griplac Values.

Our four core values are the heart of everything we do,

1: Leadership: be the first in what we do and always catalyst for change.

2: Innovation: Always keep innovating in every area.

3: Vitality: Contimue to adhere to the highest standard of quality

4: Humanity: Do whatever to uplift the lives of the most deserving people around us.